Run, Carrie, Run...

A Photo shoot in the park- by Jeremy

Seattle Pictures

After all my resolve, I still prove to be a horribly apathetic blogger. I have to admit, facebook has gotten the better of me. Its just so easy. I don't have to write anything. And with so many friends/viewers, it gives instant gratification. Poor reasoning indeed.

Jeremy has been doing some great photography of late. He is getting set up to do portraits of people (a couple flashes with reflector umbrellas and such), and even has his first gig taking holiday pictures of my cousin Caroline and her adorable family this Sunday.

I don't have all his pictures on my computer, but I'll post some pictures taken from last weekend; we spent it in Seattle with Jeremy's cousin Lyndsay and her husband Scott.


Bridge shots.

Here's a few photos Jeremy recently took from the beautiful portland bridges.... I only have one in larger format on my computer, but it'll give you a taste anyway.


So Long Sweet Summer...

A return at last to blog world. There are no pictures for this entry, that I will tell you immediately. But there will be soon. Jeremy purchased his much desired 40D canon this summer and spent many of his afternoons, evenings and weekends photographing southern Oregon wildlife in their natural habitat. He also documented our many happy summer family reunion, camping, swimming and hiking events. I'll try to upload a healthy smattering of all of these pleasant things asap.

Meanwhile, here is a mini update: Jeremy and I are back in our second place of habitation, the rainy town of Portland. This time we are renting an apartment in a cool old Victorian house a block from PSU campus, and across the street (help us all) from McMinnimins. This location is much more convenient than last year's, so we are pleased.

We are happy to have Tyler and Kelsey (my brother and his wife) living up here too this year. They live in Scappoose, where Kate and Phil live too, so Jerms and I spend a lot of time out there. Jeremy and I were also asked to help out with Branches church youth group that just started up last week, Venue. We happily accepted and are excited to become a part of that on Saturday evenings.

As far as schooling goes, I am continuing to make headway on my graphic design degree, and will most likely graduate Spring '10. Jeremy is still taking art classes and is putting out his feelers for either transfering to PNCA to get a specific photography degree or switching majors at PSU with an applied arts degree (...a new degree PSU came up with for photography). Happy!

Since there's probably no one still reading this, I'll sign off until I have some visual candy to tempt and please the peoples eyes.



Good News! This morning, at 8am, Jeremy had his last art final critique for the term. He showed his amazing much larger than life roll-of-film sculpture.

I make fun, but it's actually really cool.

All of his art projects for the term are still at school. I'll try to take some pictures and post them sometime soon. My last final is Thursday morning, and then we are blowing this joint and heading for fresh air and family.

Meanwhile our home for the previous 9 months is in complete disarray. I was going to take pictures of our second home to remember it by, before I tore it all apart. Unfortunately, just as is what happened with our first home, I forgot before I had done too much damage to properly document the place. So instead, here's some pictures of the mess:

Now, If I had a cool critical eye on the media, (here-to-fore known as carrie's blog and pictures) I would notice the large amounts of product placement in the above pictures. Notice: the Hefty bags. And all sorts of hard alcoholic beverages which Jeremy and I did not personally imbibe.

Maybe I'm a freak of nature, but I kind of like the whole moving process. Well. I like the packing process. I like to dig into the inner-most recesses of cupboards and closets, dig out the junk that was hiding in the dark and put it in its place. If that place happens to be the trash, all the better. Throw it away! Organize it! Put it in boxes! Lets Clean! Clean! Clean!

...The part I do not love, is deep cleaning yucky crevaces with mold in them. The other part I do not love is fighting with Jeremy about how to go about packing a vehicle. An excellent trait I got from my beloved father. :D

Jeremy also has been making trips to the local u-pull: the very place he found the volvo window to replace our own broken one earlier this spring. He made one trip this morning to find a Isuzu Trooper window to replace the one his smashed last winter trying to tow brother-in-law Philip out of the snowbank.
... What I love most about that last sentence is that if (and when) the two men in question read that statement they would/will both have adendums to add. Silly men. You got stuck in a snowbank. You broke your window. There's nothing else to say.

Returning to subject at hand. Jeremy is currently off on his second trip to the u-pull today, because his first trip he didn't have the proper tools to go about removing said window. He did however purchase a stereo from a kid hawking them in the u-pull parking lot. It could very well have been the very kid who broke our window and stole our old stereo; Jeremy said he had a suspicious amount of stereos and sound systems in the back of his vehicle. So Jeremy bought one for 30 dollars, but since he didn't have cash, offered to put thirty dollars of gas in the kids tank. It was accepted.

At least we wern't directly funding anyone's drug habits.


The Beach

Another week closer to the end of the term. Ah, freedom; so close and yet so far.

Jeremy and I did go to the beach-- Cannon Beach and Astoria-- with Kate and Phil last weekend. It was amazing good fun. Here's a few pictures we took... mostly in a coffee shop in Astoria, because even though we spent time on the beach and strolling through art galleries and book shops, we really only took pictures there and also in the mariners museum. (which is super cool... if you're ever there you should visit it.)

In other news, Jeremy re-chipped his left front tooth last night. We had a few good laughs, I informed him he absolutely had to get it fixed before we returned home for the summer. He agreed and promptly super-glued his chip back into his tooth (before I could get pictures. sorry friends.) At Lunch time he reported it was still going strong. I'm still demanding a visit to the school dentist.

Jeremy and I are shocked and horrified at the current gas prices (4.10 at the local station). And after discussing our economy's seemingly doomed fate, we have decided we're going to learn how to live off the land this summer. (That means we're going to read books about it... not do it. yet.) So that when it all goes down, we will be well fed and happy little farmers.

Moving craze has started. I'm on the lookout for free boxes. Last Thursday we cruised behind Safeway, Target and Staples and collected what was available. My next stop will be the liquor store. They have an amazing amount of boxes and don't put locks on their recycle bins like most of the other stores.

Nothing else is remotely interesting about our life right now.


Rain rain go away...

Today is one of our last rainy Sundays in Portland for the summer. We are--as we so often are-- camped out at my sister Kate and her husband Phil's house; Jeremy...

...alternately working on his final print project and browsing the web for camera goods and me...

...trying to comprehend the eccentricities of photoshop (cursed of all programs) and studying up for my skills test on Tuesday.

It's been so long since the last post. School demands have gotten the better of me; we have still been doing fun things though. Last weekend Jeremy and I went to the annual IPD garage sale... which is basically a Volvo specialist company that puts on a car show and discounts their merchandise for the weekend. I have to say it marks a change in my appreciation for Jeremy's pet project. So we went and looked at all the pretty Volvos and purchased a new muffler system... Here's a sampling of the smorgasbord:

and a picture of our own excellent cragon-wagon:

This weekend Jeremy and I went to the Zoo on the morning of what ended up being a rather nice (sunny) Saturday. They had a fun dinosaur exhibit (almost real life quality. ha.) and a cute bird show too. Mostly Jeremy took video footage of the animals, so we only got one amazing picture of me mimicking the pose of a prehistoric statue.

It was a great little excursion, though I have to say when nap time rolled around I was more than ready to give up my plans of motherhood... I saw more than one fit of furious rage come from the masses of toddlers gathered. I don't think it's very nice of parents to bring their kids to the zoo on a hot crowded day.

My sister and I sang a special and helped lead worship in the Branches church today. A week ago today marked my final gig with Tiffany. Another girl she's been playing with, Melanie Rae, joined us so we had three part harmonies, which is always fun. Here's a picture of the three of us...

...and a little video of one of my songs.

(The sound is really rough, but it's documentation anyway.)

That pretty much concludes the general highlights of our life lately. Tomorrow being a holiday, me might cruise over to the coast with Kate and Phil if the weather doesn't look too ugly. We're really looking forward to heading back down to Southern Oregon for the summer. Jeremy has some construction jobs lined up with his dad and I have a job doing trail maintenance up at Crater Lake. Both of us have plans that involve a boat and a board.

And wow, we're so ready for the Southern Oregon sunshine.